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How do I import Google Coursework to Writable?
How do I import Google Coursework to Writable?

Import existing Google Classroom Assignments (Google Docs) to view AI-suggested feedback.

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If your students have already completed writing in an existing Google Classroom Assignment you can Import Student Work to bring those Google Docs into Writable and generate rubric-aligned AI Suggested Comments and scores.

Have student writing that's not linked to an existing Google Classroom assignment?
Click 'Upload digital files' from the Import options. Click here to read more.

1. From your Writable account, click 'Create' and then choose 'Import Student Work.'

2. Click 'Import Google Coursework'.

3. Click the title of the Google class you would like to import from.

Note: You can select only one class at a time to import an assignment from.

4. Choose the assignment to import, then click 'Create Assignment'.

5. Complete the assignment creation wizard. In these 5 steps, you can add readings, edit your prompt, choose a rubric, get prompt feedback, and adjust your assignment title.

6. Next you will see the Loading Coursework screen.

7. Once your coursework has loaded, and AI feedback has been generated, click 'View Assignment'.

8. Click on the class to open the assignment dashboard. From the dashboard, you can review your AI-generated feedback and score student work.

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