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The menu on the left side appears as you give your media labels/TAGs.

Labels are also known as TAGs. On social media hashtags (#hashtag). They are used to mark a text, image or article belonging to a certain grouping

You can do the same in XpressU. If you put a TAG called [Demo] on a picture and one on a movie, you can then click on Demo on the left side and only the media with the Demo TAG will be displayed.

You Media(and Presentations & Contacts) can have multiple TAGS. E.g. a Movie is a used as a Demo, but also is about Xpressu

The left menu appears as you add TAGS to your media.

TAGs are applied by clicking the Pencil icon on the media.

The dialog for the media then opens

Add a new TAG to the media by typing it in the field next to the TAG entry.
If XpressU already has that TAG, it will show it. If not, it will create it, when you press RETURN or click up OK. Now the new TAG will appear in the left menu.

Each TAG in the menu can be changed. For example, the name can be changed without affecting anything other than the name itself.

Give the TAG a color if you e.g. like some to be in the same category

You can delete a TAG. In this case, ONLY the TAG is deleted. The medium simply gets this TAG removed and is therefore not affected by the deletion.

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