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How do I import contacts?
How do I import contacts?
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When you send a Presentation, the recipients/users are saved as contacts. Maybe you want to import all your contacts you have in gMail, Outlook or a CRM system. Then XpressU will be able to automatically suggest a name when you want to send a presentation.

You will find the import function in the main menu

There are 2 ways to import your Contacts. Via Google/gMail or by a CSV file

Importing your gMail contacts

Choose Start import ...

.. select the Gmail account .

After this, XpressU begins to retrieve your contacts.

Importing from a CSV file

Du kan importere en CSV fil der består af en kolonne med navn og en kolonne med email.

Se og download et eksempel her

Læs denne artikel fra Microsoft om hvordan du eksporterer fra Outlook

You can import a CSV file consisting of a column with Name and a column with Email.

View and download an example here

Read this article from Microsoft on how to export from Outlook

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