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Overview Timeline (Grouping frames)
Overview Timeline (Grouping frames)
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If you have a lot of media in the Timeline, it can be hard to keep track of. Grouping can help here. You can collect frames in a group and you can have several groups.

Here's how to Group your frames.

1. Click on the Tick icon in the upper left corner

2. Now click on all the Frames you want to group. 📢Please note, that the selected frames are shown after each other. So if you skip some in the Timeline, these frames are shown after the grouping. We strongly recommend to only group adjacent frames

3. When done choosing Frames, then give your Group a name in the dialog on top of your screen. That's it

If you want to see the name of a group, click on the colored square.

You will see the name and the contents of the group

If you want to dissolve the group, i.e. spread each topic out into individual frames, click on the colored square (badge) and then on the button [Add each page to Timeline]

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