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Powerpoints, Word, Excel and PDF
Powerpoints, Word, Excel and PDF
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Documents like PowerPoint, Word and a PDF file often consist of several pages. As a starting point, each page therefore takes up a Frame in the Timeline. It can be a long timeline to view while you are working with your Presentation.

Therefore, XpressU has a grouping function when a Document is dragged to the timeline.

You get the option to choose whether your Document should be spread out in separate Frames or kept together in a group. This does not affect the actual display for your viewers. They will still experience one page at a time. It is solely for your overview when you create the Presentation.

Add each page to Timeline

When the pages for a Document are added to each frame, they are automatically colored with a color. That way, you can keep track of several Documents in the same timeline. Furthermore, each page is named with s1, s2, etc.

If there are pages you do not want to be displayed, you can hide them. By clicking on the eye icon in the right corner.

Then this page will NOT be displayed when your audience views the Presentation. You can clearly see which pages are not displayed as they have a large eye.

To display the page again, simply press the eye icon in the right corner again.

The group in the Timeline

The group shows the number of pages on the small square (badge) in the left corner.

If you click on it, you can see what the group contains and may choose to dissolve the group.

Dissolving the group corresponds to spreading the pages out in the Timeline. The pages will retain their color regardless of whether they are in a group or spread out in the Timeline. Just click the button [Add each page to Timeline]

Of course, you can also hide the topics in a group.

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