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The 3 main Categories, Presentations, Media and Contacts, are lined up at the top and each has its own overview (library).


... displays an overview of all your saved Presentations.

You can filter your Presentations according to whether you have shared them with others (Shared by me) within your XpressU account, or others have shared Presentations with you (Shared to me)


Media, shows the media you have uploaded in XpressU. The same principle applies here in relation to sharing. (See above)

Media, however, has a sub-menu for each media.

Here are the various media that have been uploaded and that can be used to make your presentations.

Film/Video. All films/videos that are uploaded are converted to an internet optimized format

YouTube, insert a link to a YouTube movie.

Filmclips are small bits of the existing films

PowerPoint, upload a PowerPoint and get the option to mix each page with the other media

PDF Word & Excel, works as a single unit. When users reach a e.g. PDF, they view one page at a time before moving on to the next frame in the timeline

Images, images can be JPEG, PNG and GIF

Questionnaire, Create a survey or a multiple choice and get feedback from your users.

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