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Media that can be used in XpressU
Media that can be used in XpressU

A description of the media that XpressU currently supports

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XpressU converts all media to ensure they can be run on all platforms. The original file does not stay on the server for security reasons.


Images of type JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF. In other words, so-called bitmap images that consist of pixels. Contrary to vector graphics, which are based on curves. If you have vector-based images, you must export these images to, for example, PNG. The advantage of PNG is that this type can have a transparent background. All images uploaded to XpressU are converted to PNG, as it is a web friendly format (works well on a website).

📌Note! only images that have transparency when uploaded can remain transparent. XpressU can NOT make areas transparent. You can try to upload other image types and write to us if it doesn't work. Then we will take it to our technical team.

... are converted to individual Slides. Again to ensure a web friendly format

PDF, Word and Excel
The same applies here as with PowerPoints

If you upload a video yourself, XpressU goes through an assessment of the file type and converts to ensure that the video can be processed on all platforms. XpressU handles most common video types, but if you come across one that is annoying, write to us.

Youtube can be used in XpressU, but it is YouTube that decides whether there will be advertisements in the film.

📢 Remember to make sure you have the rights to make use of a YouTube video, so you don't violate copyright!

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