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Send your Presentation
Send your Presentation
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When you send a presentation from XpressU, each user receives a unique link. This is the opposite of the public link that you can insert on a website, social media or in your own email program.

The advantage of sending it from XpressU is

  • That the presentation is addressed to each individual.

  • You know who the user by email and can track progress.

  • XpressU gives you the option to send an email to everyone if you make updates to the Presentation.

Title of Presentation The title comes from the Info tab under Settings and cannot be edited here

Your personal message Write a personal message to the recipients. This field MUST be completed and helps spam filter to not regard it as much as spam.

Language This is a fixed message that includes contains the actual link to the presentation. You cannot edit the message

Enter email addresses Write one or more emails. Press the return key after each email, or the OK button. If you have imported contacts or written to an email before, XpressU will offer these again.​​ You can also write the name of a Contact group to send to all of the group.

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