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Create a Power Point template
Create a Power Point template

By inserting "help slides" in PowerPoint, working with Movies in PowerPoints and future updates becomes easier.

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XpressU already solves the challenge with Movies in PowerPoint. But you can make it even smarter.

PowerPoint Slides in XpressU' Timeline can be turned on and off. When turned off they do not appear in a Presentation. But you can still see them in the Timeline itself.

By inserting extra slides into your PowerPoint, you can use them to show where a certain media should be placed. For example "Insert video about workplace safety here" This makes it easier to build your Presentation with mixed content and much easier to update in the future.

📢 When you update an existing PowerPoint in XpressU with a new one with more or fewer Slides, it can be a challenge.
Because the Media in the Timeline will move in relation to the new Power Point.
With "Help Slides" it can be easier to keep the overview

📢 Always remember to check your Presentation when updating PowerPoints and PDFs that are mixed with Media in the Timeline.

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