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Create, edit or delete questions in your Survey

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Without questions, there is not much Survey.

Of the 4 tabs, the next tab are where the questions can be created and added.

The order can be changed and previous questions can be reused.


Create a new Question by clicking the [New Question] button

Then this dialog appear

The question is often written as a statement that the user has to value on a scale. So we have left plenty of room for longer questions.

Below the questions you find the scale of answers. You can have from 2 to 10 answer options which you set on the Info tab, because you have to have the same amount for the entire Survey. Otherwise the statistics would be skewed.

You can however, change the labels of the scale for each question. You can leave the text label empty if you just wants fewer labels.

📌 Note that it is the value that is measured. It is always assumed that the highest numerical value is most positive and the lowest is most negative. You can change it if you like, but keep it consistent for the entire Survey.

To change the order of a Question, use the small handle on the right.

With the Pencil button it can be edited and with the X button it can be deleted.

Recently used questions

Questions you have written or used before can be found on the right.

The questions are copies. So you can correct them as you like without affecting other questions. It's just a shortcut rather than having to write similar questions again

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