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2 factor login

Protect your account with an extra login.

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Security is becoming more and more important in a world where digital solutions are becoming more widespread.

For XpressU, we introduce 2 factor login. This means that you not only have to write your password, but also confirm your login via a PIN code that is sent to your email.

That way, others cannot gain access, as they cannot get a PIN code that is only sent to your email.

How to log in with 2 factor login

After you have entered your password, this dialog appears

Check din email og kopier eller husk PIN koden

Enter the code in the field and press [Send]

Choose whether you want to use 2 factor login

For your XpressU account, you can decide whether you want to make use of this security function. We strongly recommend it

The function is unit specific. This means that in the browser you use regularly, you only have to confirm the code every 30 days.

If you go to another browser or use Private Browsing, you must confirm again.

So yes, if your computer is stolen, your Xpresse is "only" protected by your regular password.

But you must also be unlucky if the person who steals your computer is also skilled at hacking passwords before the PIN code resets.

If you are an administrator, you can set whether your XpressU account should use this function.

How do know if I'm an administrator?

In the menu, at the top right (also called "burger menu"), you can see if you have access to the account's CMS. If it says Admin, you have access. Otherwise, you must contact others in your organization who have access.

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