Accessibility settings, Right to left text direction and non javascript users.

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Accessibility settings contain the settings to make your website more accessible for customers who have trouble reading. A great way to help your customers get a more enjoyable customer journey.

To edit your Accessibility settings you'll have to navigate to the settings.
Click on the 'Theme settings' in the left sidebar, its indicated with the following icon:

When clicked, on the right sidebar your theme settings will open:

Now click on 'Accessibility', the following settings will open:

Set a favicon for your store. The favicon is the little icon in your tab and in the google search results for your page.
We recommend using a 32x32px .png image.


Show accessibility mode toggle in header:
Check this box to show a button in the header for more contrast and larger fonts to your visitors.

Enable accessibility mode by default:
Want to enable the accessibility mode by default? Simply check this box. If you know you have older customers, because you sell hearing aids, this will be a great option!

Clickable images:
Enable this setting to make the images clickable. That way the whole image will be clickable instead of just a button or linktext in the image.

Enable 'Back to top' button
With this button you'll allow customers to go to the top without scrolling when pressed. The color of the button will be determined by the 'Regular button' color.

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