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Everything you will need to know on how to setup your default pages

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The default pages are preconfigured pages that we've already custom made for you.
That way you don't have to make these pages from scratch. These come in handy if you want to have certain pages.
We've made an FAQ, Events, Contact and an About us page for you already.

FAQ page:

Contact page:

About us page:

Events page:

How to edit the pages?

The pages contains different sections, however you can add more sections and blocks, edit them and remove them. You can use all the sections that are used on the homepage. But it is nice to have a template you can work with!

First you'll have to navigate to the search page template.
You can do this by navigating to Pages > 'page you want to edit' in the top bar of the theme editor.

Once on this page, the default template is ready to be edited!

As stated before, the pages use blocks and sections that are globally used around the template. You can find the manuals of the sections in our documentation.

General settings

The general settings contains the settings for the styling and layout of the default pages
Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show


Content max width:
You can use the slider to control the width of the page content, When you choose 1280px, the content will be full width.

Content position:
Control the position of entire page content aligning it to center or left.

Text alignment:
Select how you want the text to behave with the alignment.

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