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The Event Calendar section allows you to showcase upcoming events, promotions, and important dates on your online store. With this feature, you can keep your customers informed about exciting activities and special occasions, fostering engagement and boosting sales. This user-friendly guide will walk you through the process of adding and managing the Event Calendar section effectively.

How to add this section:

To add this section on your store click on add new section and search for Events calendrer:

Section settings:

Click on event calendar to view the general section settings for all events:

Heading Position: Choose between center or left, this will change position of primary and secondary heading.

Heading font: Select the fonts for your primary and secondary heading.

Heading size: Control the font size of your headings (primary and secondary).

Heading: Add primary and secondary heading text.

Button Label: You can add text for the button on the image banner. Leave it blank to hide the button. This option is only applicable when the 'clickable images' setting is enabled in the theme settings for accessibility.

Link: Insert a URL link or search for the desired destination to which the button will redirect users when clicked.

Show Link Instead of Button: Enable this option if you want to display a link instead of a button on the image banner. When activated, the button will be hidden, and the link will be visible and clickable to direct users to the specified URL.

Enable this option to override default typography settings.


Bottom spacing desktop/mobile: That way you will get the amount of whitespace below the element you want. The default for desktop is 50px and the default for mobile is 30px.

Increase or decrease the z-index value to control the visual layering of sections, ensuring the desired display arrangement when using negative spacing.

Event block settings:

By default, when you add the Event calendar section it adds 3 events. You can always add more or delete according to your need.

Event event block you add will have same settings, to view the event block settings all you need to do is click on it:

Image: Add an image to your event.

Date label color scheme: Controls the color scheme of the date label.

Button color scheme: Controls the color scheme of the buttons inside the event.

Heading font: Select the fonts for your event heading.

Heading size: Control the font size of your heading.

Heading: In this field you will write the heading for this event block.

Description: Write description for your event, you can use the rich tool editor to style the text also.

Date: As it says, add a date.

Time: As it says, select a time for your event.

Location: Write the location in the button field.

Location link: Add a link to your location button.

Button label: The text you will write here will show beside the location button field.

Enable this option to overwrite default typography of this event block.

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