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The newsletter option contain the settings for the newsletter popup. You can enable a popup for your customers to register on your newsletter.

To edit your newsletter settings you'll have to navigate to the settings.
Click on 'Theme settings' in the left sidebar, its on the bottom!

When clicked, on the right sidebar your theme settings will open:

Now click on 'Newsletter', the following settings will open:


Enable newsletter pop-up:
Check this box to enable the newsletter popup

Show the pop-up after:
This setting will determine after how many seconds the popup should show.

Upload an image for the newsletter pop-up. We recommend a .png file with the dimensions of 960 x 900 px.

In Xpert you will also find a lot of options to customize the main and secondary heading of newsletter popup.

Add description text in your popup and adjust the text size of the description:


Label for the checkbox:
This will show a little label/text before the checkbox. We recommend using this to link to your privacy policy and opt-in field.

Newsletter popup example

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