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Choose your survey audience
Choose your survey audience

Learn about distributing your survey to different audiences

Written by Laura Mallon
Updated over a week ago

Once you’ve created your survey in the survey builder, you’re ready to collect responses. In this article, we’ll run you through the ways you can share your Yabble survey with different audiences.

Each audience set-up is called a sample card. You can create as many sample cards as you like on one project and use them to display different questions, show the survey with a different logo for different groups, or keep track of where survey respondents are coming from.

Important Note: By default, we block respondents from being able to go through a survey more than once by detecting IP address. If you are sharing your link with anyone in the same workplace, school, or on the same IP address, you need to enable duplicates.

In your project, go to the survey builder and navigate to the 'more' menu in the toolbar. Then go to Settings > enable duplicates and save.


If you have MyPanel as part of your subscription, use this feature to send your survey to your online community. Contact us to find out more.


Access your target audience by purchasing from our global marketplace of 62 million+ consumers

Import a data set that you have permission to contact for research.

Create Intercept Sample

Create a link with a custom URL, or a link that will automatically refresh for unmanaged feedback stations such as event or location kiosks.

Generate a web or public link to share or embed via email, social media or on your website

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