Yeti Code is a fun way for students both younger and older to learn the basics of coding with JavaScript. The objective of the games is to control the character, our Yeti, to collect the star. Yeti will face many obstacles along the way so students will have to direct him to dodge the obstacles! In single-player and multi-player levels, students will learn functions, parameters, debugging skills, "if" statements and loops. Since we recognize that students may be introduced to coding at different skill levels, our coding curriculum is divided into "Yeti Code Level 1" and ``Yeti Code Level 2". For all levels, we use the following grading criteria:

Guide for Star Earning:
1 star = Completed, but not with the required skill(s).
2 stars = Completed, with the required skill(s), but exceeding character count*.
3 stars = Completed, with the required skill(s), not exceeding the character count*.

*Character Count: To accommodate nuances in variable names, turning functions and levels with multiple solutions, the length check is adjusted by 5 characters.

Yeti Code Level 1

By default, Yeti Code Level 1 is assigned to all students in 3rd-4th grade. In the first level of coding, students will learn the very basics of coding with slightly easier puzzles. This is perfect for younger students, or those who have not yet been introduced to any code. Yeti Code Level 1 only has single-player games available to ensure that the focus is on learning the building blocks.

Yeti Code Level 2

By default, Yeti Code Level 2 is assigned to all students in 4th-8th grade. By now, students have most likely been introduced to coding and will be asked to solve more complex puzzles. At the end of Yeti Code Level 2, students will be able to play a multiplayer game against one another to see who can collect the star the fastest!

Students will access Yeti Code Levels 1 and 2 by selecting the angle brackets icons from their interfaces:

If you'd like to know where to go next, check out the neat things you can do with Yeti Code:

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