How to Run a Successful Campaign
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Below are a few best practices to get your campaign performing at its best.

  • Upload 5-10 ads per ad group: Our platform optimizes based on large amounts of data. Scattering valuable data across too many ads would cause it to take longer for the data to be reliable. If, on the other hand, you use only one or two ads, the platform doesn’t have much to work with and it doesn’t give you much room for improvement. Make sure you’re using engaging titles and high-quality images (at least 1200×628 pixels). Learn more about best practices for creating ads here.

  • Use all media sources: We recommend using all media sources to maximize your reach and find your target audience. When optimizing, focus on publishers instead of media sources.

  • Enable Budget optimization: Learn more about Campaign Budget Optimization here.

  • Run your campaign by bidding automatically (enabled by default).

  • Use more than one interest targeting segment: when selecting interest audiences under the Audience targeting section, select more than one to avoid limiting your reach and scaling issues.

  • Enable Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics performance tracking: Make sure you enable performance tracking in your campaign’s settings, as it’s the only way our platform can optimize for post-click metrics. Even if you’re running a CPC campaign, we recommend using this unique tool in order to gain tons of useful data. Don’t forget to enable it in your Google/Adobe Analytics account as well. You’ll find instructions on how to do this in the performance tracking section of your campaign’s settings.

  • Create separate ad groups for different devices: Ads generally perform differently on different devices, so it’s better to create two separate ad groups (one for desktop, and one for mobile and tablet) to get a clearer picture of their performance, average CPCs, and other metrics.

  • Set a healthy campaign duration: During the first few days of the campaign, the platform is gathering data in order to focus on ads and publishers that are performing well. Because of this, we recommend setting a campaign duration of at least 5 days. If you are running a CPA campaign, we recommend a longer duration in order to gain traction.

  • Blocklist publishers that aren’t performing well: If a publisher is still far from reaching your goal KPI after receiving 50 clicks, it’s a good idea to blocklist it.

  • Pause ads that aren’t performing well: However, make sure you never have less than three ads per ad group. If certain ads are outshining the rest, use them as inspiration to create similar ads.

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