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Conversion Tracking With Zemanta
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When you run campaigns in Zemanta, it’s important you understand if users viewing your ads or clicking on them take expected actions afterwards so you can assign value to your campaign. You might want to know whether it led a user to view your landing page, download a file, subscribe to newsletters, add a product to the cart or make a purchase.

It is very important to set detailed conversion goals before starting a campaign. After you’ve decided what actions you’d like to track, you need to decide how you want to track them.

Zemanta offers a few ways to track conversions on your ad campaigns:

Conversion type

Tracking options

1. Website actions: landing page visits, add to cart, website purchases...

2. App installs or other in-app events

3. Conversions tracked in Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics

How does Zemanta count conversions?

Zemanta Pixel counts every conversion based on a conversion definition that happens after a user clicks on a Zemanta ad.


  • Zemanta Pixel is placed on all pages of

  • The user clicks on the Zemanta ad and lands on

  • Conversion definition is set to track page visit

  • The user then clicks on the link on the promotion page and visits

  • Another conversion definition is set to track page visit

  • Lastly, the users navigates back to

In this example, Zemanta will count 2 conversions for that click (one per each unique URL).

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