Editing Ads
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Editing existing ads

If you need to edit an existing ad, the best practice in Zemanta is to pause it and re-upload the new creative ad via our upload process. While this does require additional steps for you, re-uploading the ads preserves the traffic acquisition and post-click metrics for the original ads. Learn more about uploading ads here.

For this reason, the functionality of editing titles and images is not possible. However, all other fields can be adjusted. Simply click on the pencil icon and make the desired changes.

Editing ads during campaign setup

During the creative upload process, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to the data. Here you can update the URL, Ad Title, Display URL, and other fields. This is a great way to fix errors from the CSV template before they become ad units. Click the 'Download Ads Snapshot' to generate a CSV file that you can reuse in a new ad group with the File Upload option.

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