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How to Use Turbo Scanner?
How to Use Turbo Scanner?

Want to learn more about Turbo Scanner feature? What is Turbo Scanner?

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Zik Analytics Turbo Scanner is a search engine that gives premium members access to over five million Amazon and Walmart products. Using this feature will allow you to significantly improve your product research. Here’s how you can use the Turbo Scanner.

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Locate the Zik Pro Features

To get started, navigate to the Zik Pro Features icon on the left-hand side of your Zik Analytics dashboard.

Select Turbo Scanner

From the list of available features, select Turbo Scanner. This should redirect you to a dedicated panel for Turbo Scanner.

Adjusting Filters

From the Turbo Scanner configuration panel, adjust all relevant filters to proceed. For instance, you’ll need to select a supplier (Amazon or Walmart) and choose the relevant categories that you want to view products from.

How Turbo Scanner filters work:

Note that the availability of filters is based on the selected supplier. For instance, the filters available to use for Walmart are slightly different from those available for Amazon.

Supplier selection

The supplier selection allows you to choose between your preferred Amazon region or Walmart. To adjust this;

  • Navigate to the Suppliers section at the top of the page and choose your preferred supplier (Amazon or Walmart).


The categories filter is based on your selected supplier. For instance, if you selected Amazon as your supplier, you’ll find categories that are relevant to the retail giant. To adjust the categories filter;

  • Locate and click the Categories menu to view an expanded list.

  • From the expanded category list, you can either select all or tick the boxes for any specific niche, then click Save.


This affects the quality of products that show up in your final search results. The higher the rating, the higher the quality of the products. This means that setting the highest rating will ultimately lead to fewer products in your search results.

To adjust this;

  • Navigate to the rating section on your configuration panel.

  • Set your desired rating by clicking between one to five stars.

  • Toggle the on/off button to include or exclude the rating filter in your search results.

The recommended average rating is 3 stars as it ensures that you have products that offer a decent service. You could also turn off the rating filter to include new products without reviews in your search results.


  • The Only Prime checkbox will allow you to see products that have faster shipping handled by Amazon. This is usually an indication that such products will result in enhanced customer service on eBay.

  • The Include books checkbox simply allows you to include or exclude books in the final search results.

  • The Include DVDs/CDs checkbox allows you to include or exclude these items.

Review Count

This filter essentially allows you to search for products that have built a great history with your supplier like Amazon. It is recommended to keep the minimum count low to have a higher range of products in your search results.

You can start off with a minimum Review count of 10 to ensure that you’re not missing out on great products.

If you’ve turned off the rating filter, it is recommended that you leave the Review count blank.

Best Seller Ranking

The Best Seller ranking (BSR) filter is great for including products with high demand on Amazon. The highest performing number sells the highest amount on Amazon. For instance, you can select products that fall within the top 500 BSR on Amazon to show up in your search results. However, for a wider range of results, it is recommended that you adjust the filter for the top 5000 BSR.

30 Days Sale

The 30 Days Sale filter is for eBay. It allows you to adjust to include products that have had a minimum number of sales in the past 30 days. For instance, you could set this filter at 5 to include products that have had at least five sales in the past 30 days.


This refers to the minimum price for products to include in your search results.

Number of Products

This is essentially the total number of products to include in your final search results.

Filter by Keywords

Filtering by keyword will allow you to look for specific products. For instance, you can search for products that have the word cat in their title.

Find Products (Scan)

Once you have adjusted all relevant filters, you’ll need to search for products. To do this;

  • Navigate to the right-hand side of the filter section at the top of the page.

  • Click the Scan button to start searching for products.

  • Note that every time you click the scan button even with the same filters, you will get a unique set of results, it excludes previously found products.

Viewing Scans

Turbo Scanner stores records of all scans you’ve searched recently. To view any scan;

  • Navigate to the scan result section, and click Check Records.

  • Once you click Check Records, it will show all the items based on your filter. It shows the product image, title, product id, price, 30 days sales, rating on Amazon/Walmart, BSR on Amazon, the reviews, and the category.

Getting Products from Turbo Scanner

There are two options to get the products from Turbo Scanner:

  1. By downloading the CSV file, click Export Selected items or Export all items

  1. Uploading the product directly to your lister, click upload selected or upload all.

For more information on How to Integrate ZIK with AutoDS, you can watch the video here.

VERO Signs and Risky Keywords

If you see red and yellow triangle signs in the product titles, keep in mind that these are VERO signs and Risky keywords. Thus, it gives you an option to decide if you want to list the product or not. If you don’t want to take any risk, just avoid VERO and risky keywords completely.

VERO Brand

Risky keywords

Deleting Previous Scans

If you ever need to delete your previous scans, you can do this by;

  • Navigating to your scans section on the Turbo Scanner configurations panel.

  • Choose which scan result you want to delete, then click the bin icon on the right-hand side.

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