If you are wondering why your Analytics module does not show any data, why your Publisher does not publish your recent posts, why new comments are not being shown in your Customer Care module - expired Access Token can be the answer to these issues.

You can read more about what exactly is Access Token and why is expires here. But basically, it is a connection between our application and your Social media profile. 😊

How you recognise that your channels need to be reconnected?

  • Analytics module shows empty dashboard
  • New comments are not shown in your queue of Customer Care module
  • Publisher does not publish planned content

If any of these situations occur, check Settings of your Master Account in Social Profiles&Apps section. If you see the error message and any of your channels are in the red frame, then you know those are the channels you need to reconnect to renew the data exchange.

How to reconnect your Social Media profile 

Each Access Token is linked to the personal profile, which means if it expires, all Social Media channels linked from this profile will lose connection, too. 

To reconnect follow these steps 👣

  1. Log into your ZoomSphere Master Account
  2. Go to the Settings - Social Profiles & Apps
  3. Check which personal profiles need to be renewed (they are in the red frame) 
  4. In order to renew them, log into the same personal profile in your Internet browser, too
  5. Click on the icon in the top right corner of the expired profile
  6. All disconnected channels linked from this personal profile will be automatically reconnected.

If you have multiple personal profiles with expired Access Token, repeat these steps for all of them.

If you are still unsure how to deal with expired Access Token (they are pickles sometimes, we know 😉), just let us know at support@zoomsphere.com or in our in-app chat. We are there to help! ✌

Customer Success Manager

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