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Bitnob Deposits And Withdrawals
How To Withdraw My Money From Bitnob
How To Withdraw My Money From Bitnob

A step by step guide on how to withdraw your money from Bitnob to your bank account or momo account.

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To withdraw your money from your Bitnob USD wallet, follow the steps below -

  • Tap "Actions" at the bottom of the home page

  • Tap "Withdraw"

  • Select an existing bank account or Tap "Add new destination".

    • If you are adding a new account:

      • Select the currency you are withdrawing to

      • Select your preferred payment method - Mobile Money, Bank Transfer, etc.

      • Input details of the receiving account

    • If not, select an existing account.

  • Input the amount you want to withdraw

  • Tap "Continue"

  • Input the transaction note

  • Tap "Next"

  • The transaction summary will be displayed (amount in USD, amount you will receive in your local currency, exchange rate, and new balance)

  • Tap "Proceed"

  • Input your password, and tap "Confirm"

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