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Importing and Exporting Data

How to import and export data

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Import and export data

Use CSV spreadsheets to create data and extract data from OnRent.

If you’ve got a large amount of data to add into your system, rather than creating each record individually using the web interface, you might find it easier to create data all at once using our import data tool. 

With our import data tool, you can put all your data on spreadsheets and upload it OnRent to create records. You also have the option to export data from OnRent meaning you can easily access spreadsheets of key information for your reference, or even to update your data. 

What kind of data can I import and export? 

In System Setup > Utilities you will find the Import/Export Data section. You can also access guides and empty templates in these screens. Click on the type of data you wish to import below, and it will provide you with a guide explaining all of the fields in the import file.

You can import and export:

Get started

Importing data is an important process – after all, your rental management solution is the most important software for running your business. With that in mind, we’ve got a section dedicated to importing data. 

If you need help or simply don't have time, you can book in a session with one of our Customer Success team to import your data and help set up your system for you! 

Simply click on the blue help bubble to get in touch or email

Dealing with errors

Once an import has been uploaded, OnRent will notify you in the bottom left hand corner to whether the import was a success or failure. It will then send you an email to let you know what errors have occurred on the import so that you can correct them and re-import.

Good news! If the import fails it won't import the data incorrectly, it will simply notify you so that you can try again! 

The import email will be sent to the address against the logged in user’s account.

Quick Import

We know you're desperate to get data into your system, so here is a quick overview of how to do a quick import into the system. 

All of the entities that you are able to import have a quick access to import 

This means it will either direct you to add a single item or direct you to the import screen. 

If you click this, it will direct you to the import screen where you can import your data.

🎉 Quick Tip: If you add in one or two items manually you can export the data out and copy the same fields to import your data en masse. 

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble at the bottom-right 

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