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Billing and Subscription

Enter your card details to transition to a paid plan

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When signing up for a trial with OnRent, we won't ask for any card details. Simply enter in a few details and off you go! If you wish to transfer to a paid subscription at the end of your trial, card details will need to be entered, prior to the end of the free 30 days. If card details are not entered, your trial will automatically close after the free period.

The free 30-day trial gives you access to key features within the system as well as free training and support from the Customer Success team, as and when you need it. We encourage all users to run the trial alongside your own internal processes and to get in touch if you have any questions during the 30-day period.

Transition to a paid plan

Head to System Setup > Subscription and Billing to enter your card details.

You don’t have to wait until the end of your free trial to enter your card details, you can enter them at any point during your trial and we’ll only take payment when the 30 days are up. Any data you create is retained when you transition to a paid plan.

Plans, pricing, and invoices

We’ve got a guide that runs through plans, pricing, and invoicing in more detail. Have a look at our trial and plans guide.

Need some assistance?

If you have any questions about subscriptions, paid plans and what’s included or just general queries on functionality, get in touch with the Customer Success team by clicking the blue help bubble in your system or emailing

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