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How to Use On Stop Accounts

What are on Stop Accounts and How to Use them

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You may want to use the 'On Stop' feature within OnRent to manage your accounts. 

You may decide to place an Account on hold for a variety of reasons. It may be as a warning that they need to clear their balance, or it may be a permanent hold for a customer. 

Usually, a company will place an account on hold to ensure any outstanding funds clear before any further transactions are made available to their account. 

Getting Started

To place an account on hold, go to your navigation bar > Customers > Accounts. 

Select the account you wish to put on hold, this will take you to the account overview page. Click the pencil to edit the account, you can then use the toggle to select On Stop to Yes.

What does this feature do? 

  • The Account immediately shows a Status of 'On Stop' for visibility 

  • When you search for the Account it will also show a Red 'On Stop' Status 

  • A Pop up will appear on an order with a message to notify you the account is 'On Stop'

  • You can still create quotes and provisional orders however it will not allow you to convert this to an order 

If you would like to change the account from on stop, you simply edit the account and change the toggle to select On Stop to No.

If you need some assistance we’re happy to help! Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble in the bottom right corner.

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