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FAQ - Xero: - Invoices/Credit notes not appearing in Xero
FAQ - Xero: - Invoices/Credit notes not appearing in Xero

OnRent invoices/credit notes are not appearing in Xero

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"I have created an Invoice/Credit note in OnRent, it does not appear within Xero, why is this?"

There are three parts that may need looking at, the first is the Invoice/Credit note status.

Invoice/Credit Note Status

An Invoice/Credit Note is only sent to the interlinked accounts solution when the Invoice/Credit note (or Invoice Batch) is set to the status Posted.

Setting this status against an Invoice/Credit Note within the OnRent system will update the Invoice/Credit Note status within OnRent and make the attempt to send it to Xero.

Xero Link Active

The link between OnRent and Xero needs to be active in order to send ("Post") Invoices/Credit notes to Xero.

Please refer to the

for details on the configuration options available when linking OnRent to Xero.

OnRent Account - Xero Contact Link

The OnRent account the Invoice/Credit Note is against needs to exist within Xero.

If an account has been created within OnRent but not yet imported into Xero, this will stop Invoices/Credit Notes for that account being transferred over to Xero.

A quick way to tell if the OnRent account exists within Xero is to open the account within OnRent, below the account name will show a hyperlink to open that contact within Xero if it is in Xero.

This is not shown if the OnRent account has not been imported into Xero.

To correct this would require the importing of the OnRent accounts to Xero.

Please refer to the

for further assistance on this point.

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