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What are unavailable items and how to move your items into service & repair.

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Unavailable Items is a generic term for a collection of your rental and sale items that are not available. Think of it as a "quarantine" area where items can be placed to make a quantity of, or an individual item, unavailable for a known or unknown period of time.

Making them unavailable will as you'd expect, take them out of availability ensuring nobody tries to rent or sell them whilst they are being inspected, repaired or serviced - or even stopping people from trying to book an item out that is actually lost or misplaced.

When you book them in - you can book them in manually through the screen on an ad-hoc basis, or you can book them into their in a few other ways:

  • When you book in an order you can mark the items as damaged

  • When you book in an order you can mark the items as lost

See Book in your equipment off rent for more information.

  • When you look at the Maintenance Due you can book the item into service.

Making Items Unavailable

To make an item Unavailable, Navigate to Products & Services > Unavailable Items.

Here you can search for any items by the item number, description and more. To further refine the results you can add the filters. You can then filter using the type and much more.

When you select "Add Unavailable Item" you can book an item in here and will see the following screen:

Simply search for the equipment you would like to make unavailable and populate the following information:

  • Start Date/End Date – Add in the dates of how long the item will be unavailable

  • Open Ended – If it is not known how long the item will be unavailable for, select Open Ended

  • Reference – Add in a reference from a Supplier/Customer or your workshop team

  • Depot – Specify the Depot

  • Description – Add in any extra details regarding the item or work needed

There are three types of statuses to select from when adding items into Unavailable: 

  • Lost - If you can’t find the item or customer has lost it, check-in an item as lost from an order or manually record that something’s lost.

  • Repair - The item is damaged. Check-in an item from an order as damaged or manually record that something’s damaged. 

  • Service - Take something out of availability for a service by manually recording that it’s in for service or add it into service via the maintenance due screen.

Once you have finished adding in the details, select Add Unavailable Item. This will add the Stock level to Unavailable Items.

You can also create Custom Fields to capture more information against the items and make OnRent work your way!

Creating Documents

You can create Damage and Loss Letters to send to customers that may have damaged or lost your assets. You can also add your own custom document layouts to this section.

Book Out Unavailable Items 

You can return items to stock or write them off from the Unavailable Items Screen by booking out from unavailable. 

When you’re ready to move items out, you have two options:

  • Return to stock

  • Write them off

Return to stock

You’d return to stock if an item’s service is complete, if it was lost and has been found, or if it’s been repaired after being damaged.

The item will then become available from that date.

Write off

You’d write off an item if it’s considered lost and you don’t anticipate it will come back, or if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Your stock levels are adjusted to reflect that you no longer rent or sell this item. You can see the relevant stock transaction against the stock level for a record of what caused the movement.

To book an item out, head to the Unavailable Item page and select the item you would like to Book out and select Book out on the top right-hand side. 

Note: You can multi select, if you have several services finished or have reclaimed lost items you can multi select your stock levels to book out en masse. 

It will then ask you to fill out the following options: 

  • Description – Enter a description of the work completed or service undertaken

  • Return Stock/Write Off – Select which option as outline above

  • Book Out Date – This is the date you are making this stock adjustment 

Once you have finished, select OK and the appropriate action will be completed. 

Edit & Delete Unavailable Items

To edit details of the Unavailable Item, head to Navigation Bar > Products and Services > Unavailable Items and select the Stock Level > You can amend some details in the Overview tab from here

You can also delete the Unavailable Item too, If the Item is no longer requiring a service, or it was accidentally added to this section. You can select delete Unavailable Item in the Overview page or select the Bin Icon to delete the Unavailable Item. 

Note: This can only be deleted when a transaction has not been made against the unavailable item. 

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