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What is a Place? 

Places is your address book for your site addresses, customer depots, supplier depots and much more. If you’re delivering to the same places regularly, add those addresses into OnRent as Places to save time when creating orders.

Rather than manually typing in a delivery address, choose a place when putting together an order and OnRent will auto populate it the delivery address. This saves time - users should be encouraged when creating a rental order for a customer to search for the site address. This helps when sending live rental reports (What's Out Where) to group items by specific site addresses in a uniform way which will delight your customers.

You can assign places to an account as a primary address or as a commonly used delivery address for this customer. You can also assign places to multiple accounts if there is a project whereby multiple customers require delivery to the same site.

When a new account is created, this automatically creates a place with the same address as the account address.

Creating a Place

Navigate to the menu on the left and choose Customers > Places.

The places list is then shown.

Select the blue add place button at the top-right.

You will come to the following screen:

You then need to populate the following details: 

  • Name – A required field. This is the place’s name or a name that you can reference the location by 

  • Active – If the place is no longer in use, you change its active status to No 

  • Description – Add any notes about the place here 

  • Type - The category for the location and is used for your reference when searching for places

(Top tip: You can edit the Place Type in the List of Values section in System Setup to add more entries to this drop-down box).

These "Type" tags can then be seen when searching so you know straight away the context behind the address:

  • Address – Add in the address and contact Information 

Note: If you’re struggling to find all the address details, there is an auto search that will search global addresses to save you time.

Once you have finished entering the details, simply select Add Place. 

Assigning a Place to an Account 

If you have multiple addresses for an Account, you can add new places to an Account. 

There are two ways to do this: 

  1. In the place, you can add an account by searching for an Account in the search bar and simply select the desired account and it will add it to your place. You can also reverse this by clicking the Unlink icon in the Action column.

  2. In the account, you can add a place by navigating to the search bar and searching for the desired place, simply select the place and it will assign it to your account. You can also reverse this by clicking the Unlink icon in the Action column.

Note: If you’re trying to select a Billing Address on an Order from the Places you’ve created, then you must make sure that it is assigned to the account using either of the ways above.

Import Places

You can also import your Places in System Settings > Utilities > Import Data. For more information, please see our guide on importing

Edit & Delete Places

To edit Places, head to System Setup > Places and select the place > click Edit Place.

You can also delete the place too.  You can only delete them when they haven't been associated to an order or invoice. 

To delete the place, select either the bin icon or Delete Place, it will then provide a pop up to ensure you are happy to delete this Place, simply click Yes if you are! 

Do you need Help? Start a conversation using the Blue help bubble at the bottom-right. 

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