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1️⃣ Getting started
1️⃣ Getting started

Learn how to erase your demo data and add company information. Part 1 of our Quick Start collection.

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Before you get started adding real data into the system, it's best practice to ensure you erase the demo data and add in your company information. Read further to learn how!

🗑 Erase your demo data

You might have opted to include demo data in your system when you signed up for your trial system. Before you get started with OnRent, it's best practice to delete this data.

Head to System Setup > Erase Data and select all options on screen there.

When you're done, hit Erase and follow the instructions on screen.

📝 Add company information

Head to System Setup > Company Details and click Edit Company to get started.

Add in key company information such as your address, telephone number, bank details and company logo.

⚠️ This information pulls through to documents you generate in the system such as invoices and hire contracts, so it's important to ensure you enter this correctly!

✅ Next Steps

Now that's out of the way, you can get started on adding your inventory into the system.

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