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6️⃣ Add rates to your products
6️⃣ Add rates to your products

Learn how to add rates to products in OnRent. Part 6 of our Quick Start collection.

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Adding rates to your products makes OnRent quick and easy to maintain your price lists and add default pricing instantly to orders!

💰 Add rates to products

Navigate to a product page and head to the Rates tab. Click Add Rate and choose an option from the list to get started.

These are the defaults you have to choose from.

You'll see the 'New Rate' screen.

Key Details

  • Customer Account
    Leave this blank to create general rates in your system. Create customer specific rates by searching for a customer account here.

  • Pricing

    Enter the product price here. This will be the standard Daily, Weekly or Monthly price dependant on the rate selected.

    Note: You can edit these rates on a job by job basis.

  • Additional Pricing
    Dependant on the rate selected, you'll see additional pricing fields. These might automatically calculate depending based on a percentage set against the rate or you might need to enter an amount here.

For more information on creating rate definitions, check out our guide: Understanding Rental Charging

✅ Data creation completed. What's next?

You've now created data in every area of the system! We can now get started on creating orders and raising invoices in the system.

💬 Questions on rates?

Our support team are happy to help! Click the blue help bubble to discuss with our team or schedule some online training to learn more. ↘️

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