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7️⃣ Creating an order
7️⃣ Creating an order

Learn how to create an order in OnRent. Part 7 of our Quick Start collection.

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Now you've added in all of your static data, it's time to create your first order! You can start a job as a Quote and move it through the stages to a confirmed order.

📝 Create an Order

Head to Orders and click Add Order to begin. Select the type of order you wish to create.

You'll see the 'New Order' screen. This screen is the same whether you are raising a Quote or Confirmed Order.

Key Details

  • Account

    Search for the customer here. Click the blue 'Account' text to create a customer on the fly without leaving the order creation screen.

  • Delivery Place
    The delivery address for the order. Use the first box to search for saved places in your system, or the box below to search Google Maps.

  • Delivery Date / Charging Date
    The date the items are being delivered and when you want to start charging for them in the system.

  • Invoice Run Code
    Defaults to 'No Invoice Run Code'. Set this to 'Exclude from Invoice Run' to exclude this order from your month end invoice run.

🚜 Adding items to an order

Now you have created your order, you'll see the order overview screen.

Enter the product name or item number into the Name field under the Quick Pick option and select it from the drop down list.

Adjust your accessories, quantity, rate and price and hit the green + icon to add the item to the order.

Added the item using the product name? You will need to specify which item is going out on hire using the Allocate option.

Choose the item that is going out on hire and toggle the Allocate slider to Yes.

✅ Next Steps

Now you've added items to your order, you can begin processing your order!

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