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8️⃣ Processing an Order
8️⃣ Processing an Order

Learn how to process deliveries and collections in OnRent. Part 8 of our Quick Start collection.

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Now you've added your items, you can generate your paperwork, process a delivery, and organise a collection when the order has finished!

🖨 Print and Email Documents

Looking to send a customer a Quote or Order Acknowledgement in OnRent? Navigate to the Documents heading and select a document from the list.

You'll see the document pop up on screen. From here, you can download, print and email.

Choose the email icon and you'll see the 'Email Document' screen. Make changes as needed and click Send to send your email.

🚛 Book out your equipment

To book out equipment, select Action > Book Out. Amend the Book Out Date if necessary, and click Accept Book Out.

You'll see the Delivery Note document pop up on screen.

📝 Want to collect a signature on the delivery note?

Click Sign. You'll see the Sign for Delivery screen.

Collect a name and a signature and hit Sign. The signature will be added to the document in the system ready for you to print or email the document.

Any signatures or photos you collect here will be saved against the order, for a more detailed breakdown on this process, click here: Digital Signature Capture

🕣 Order Completed?

It's now been a few days, weeks or months and your order is ready for collection. You can either send a driver to collect or mark your equipment as returned.

To read more on dispatches and return requests: Order Dispatch

↪️ Booking in your Equipment

To book in equipment, select Action > Book In.

Enter the Charging End Date for these off-hired items, and select Accept Book In.

Just like when you booked out the items, the Collection Note will appear on screen. Collect a signature or return to the order.

✅ Next Steps

Now you've processed the order, you can get started on invoicing!

💬 Any Questions?

Our support team are happy to help! Click the blue help bubble to discuss with our team or schedule some online training to learn more. ↘️

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