Reach the discount screen via the Account settings under the User Profile.

  • Create your discount by pressing the green + button which will open a New Discount Screen

  • Add the discount name and select the discount amount

    • a percentage - will deduct a % off your appointment service or sale

    • a fixed amount - will deduct a fixed amount off your appointment service or sale

  • Select whether you want to apply your discount to either both appointment services and / or for sales - so you can can select to have it as an option for both or just for one

  • Finish by pressing the Save button and the discount will be saved into your list of discounts and available to be applied when you are adding in a payment to an appointment service or sale.

Remove a Discount

To remove a discount once added, you just need to click on the discount in the dropdown to turn it red.

It will then remove it from the Discount drop down box and return it to the 'Choose a Discount' guide text view.

Adding a Discount to a Sale or Appointment

To see how to add a discount to an Appointment click here

To see how to add a discount to a Sale click here

PROTIP: If you want a discount to show in an invoice, it first needs to be applied to the appointment or sale

Once a discount is connected to a transaction, the discounted price will show up on the invoice.

Archiving Discounts

If at some point in the future you would like to Archive a Discount because it's no longer being used, you can easily move it to the Archive Tab to streamline your Discount area to show only current discounts that are active

Click here to read more on how to do this.

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