How to order course materials

Guidance on how to order and receive course materials for your courses using your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah)

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Step 1

Go to the course bookings page for the course (go to the burger menu (the three horizontal lines) and click "My Events" to find the course).

Step 2

Scroll down the page until you find a pink box with two bullet points and a blue pay now icon.

The box will tell you any reason the course cannot be completed, in this case, because there is an outstanding balance and not all candidates have been given results on all modules.

Click "Pay Now".

Step 3

On this page, you will be able to see how much is due to pay for the course. At the bottom of the window, you will need to click the link to read the terms of service and then check the box to say that you agree to them and then scroll down to the payment section.

Step 4a

Paying by credit/debit card can be achieved by checking the box to select this as your payment method and then entering your details in the fields provided.

You can set this card up to be remembered for future use however if you are going to do this the recommendation is to set up two-factor authentication for your account.

Check out the guide for this here.

Paying by card will clear the balance immediately and arrange dispatch of any course materials.

Step 4b

Paying by purchase order (PO) can be achieved by checking the purchase order option, entering the PO number in the space provided, and uploading a scan or electronic copy of the PO by either dragging and dropping the file or clicking browse files.

When all of this information click "Submit Purchase Order".

Once the PO has been reviewed and accepted by our finance department the dispatch of the course materials will be arranged.

Please note that to pay by PO you must have a credit account with RLSS UK. To enquire about this please call our finance department on 0300 323 0096.

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