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How to renew your RLSS UK Membership
How to renew your RLSS UK Membership
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If your membership has expired the RLSS UK Logo will be greyed out next to your name, please follow the steps below to renew your membership.

If you are looking to become a new member click here.

Step 1

Make sure you have claimed your account, you can do this by following this guide.

Step 2

Click on the Membership & Clubs tab.

Step 3

Click the Renew Now button.

Step 4

Tick the box to let us know you want to Gift Aid your donation.

After agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you will be then be given the option to make a payment.

Step 5

Confirm your personal details, choose your payment method and enter your bank detials and then click submit payment.
โ€‹Please Note: The payment will show on your bank as tahdah verified Llandudno.

Step 6

Once the payment has been confirmed you are now an RLSS UK Member again, and an email notification will be sent.

You will then be able to access your membership benefits, resources and run courses.

The resource can take up to 30 minutes to appear in your account after payment.

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