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Upload a CSV as a datasource as a data source (admins only)

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If you don't have a proper CRM yet, you can still upload your makeshift CRM as a csv file. The only difference is that the entries of your file won't be automatically updated, unlike a CRM.

Quick overview of the process:

How to upload the CSV file

Note: The file size limit for a single upload is 100MB.

The uploading process is a simple drag-and-drop in your Data Source Settings:

Map the columns of your CSV to Reveal

You must include a minimum of 3 columns in your file:

  • Company name

  • Company website

  • Status (Customer or Prospect)

The more information you include in your CSV file, the more accurately we can match you and your partners' data.

You then have to manually map the column of your CSV file to the 3 mandatory fields. We automatically detect the column names in your file. Don't forget to name your data source, and add status rules.

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