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Connect a Google Sheet

Introducing Google Sheets as a data source

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Google Sheets serves as a the optimal data source if you aren't quite ready to connect your CRM, but are tired of maintaining static CSVs on Reveal. Data refreshes every 24H!

Set up is only a few simple steps! Here's how you can sync a Google Sheet as a data source:

Step 1/ Prepare your Google Sheet for syncing

To ensure your Google Sheet syncs properly, here are a few things to consider:

  • Title your Google Sheet with a unique name

  • and include at a minimum

    • Unique ID

    • Account Name

    • Website URL

    • Account Status

* Additional fields can be added to increase accuracy for account mapping

NOTE: All accounts in your Google Sheet must have a unique ID associated to them.

This is standard practice to track any changes on an account in the Google Sheet, so it can be updated in Reveal.

To add a unique ID to your accounts, you have two options:

  • Most CRMs already have a unique ID for accounts that you can use (for example: ‘Account ID’ in Salesforce, ‘Hub ID’ in HubSpot, etc.)

  • Or create your own (ex: 1,2,3,4,5)

This template gives an example of how you can set up your file.

Step 2/ Add a new Google Sheet on your Data Sources page

Go to data sources > Add new Google Sheet

Step 3/ Follow the Google authentication steps

Step 4/ Add URL of your Sheet and Map your Google Sheet fields to Reveal data fields

 Once mapped, do not change them or your sync will return an error.

Step 5/ Define your Customers, Prospects, and Partners

Step 6/ Define any Strategic or Private accounts, and any Custom fields

Syncing Data

Your data is refreshed every 24h by default.
To instantaneously sync updated data from your Google Sheet to Reveal:

  1. Go to the sources page on Reveal.

  2. Click on the "Sync Now" button next to your Google Sheet.

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