Google Sheets serves as a the optimal data source if you aren't quite ready to connect your CRM, but are tired of maintaining static CSVs on Reveal.

Set up is only a few simple steps! Here's how you can sync a Google Sheet as a data source:

Step 1/ Prepare your Google Sheet for syncing

To ensure your Google Sheet syncs properly, here are a few things to consider:

  • Title your Google Sheet with a unique name

  • and include at a minimum

    • Unique ID

    • Account Name

    • Website URL

    • Account Status

* Additional fields can be added to increase accuracy for account mapping

NOTE: All accounts in your Google Sheet must have a unique ID associated to them.

This is standard practice to track any changes on an account in the Google Sheet, so it can be updated in Reveal.

To add a unique ID to your accounts, you have two options:

  • Most CRMs already have a unique ID for accounts that you can use (for example: ‘Account ID’ in Salesforce, ‘Hub ID’ in HubSpot, etc.)

  • Or create your own (ex: 1,2,3,4,5)

This template gives an example of how you can set up your file.

Step 2/ Add a new Google Sheet on your Data Sources page

Go to data sources > Add new Google Sheet

Step 3/ Follow the Google authentication steps

Step 4/ Add URL of your Sheet and Map your Google Sheet fields to Reveal data fields

 Once mapped, do not change them or your sync will return an error.

Step 5/ Define your Customers, Prospects, and Partners

Step 6/ Define any Strategic or Private accounts, and any Custom fields

Syncing Data

To instantaneously sync updated data from your Google Sheet to Reveal:

  1. Go to the sources page on Reveal.

  2. Click on the "Sync Now" button next to your Google Sheet.

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