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I'm not happy with the final value
I'm not happy with the final value

What happens next info about our Spring returns and value approvals.

Updated over a week ago

Providing you didn't agree to 'Approve any value', you can reject our Final Value and we’ll send your device straight back to you, free of charge.

In our workshop, we’ll run lots of tests (over 30 of them, in fact) on your device and check everything is working as it should be. If there are any unexpected issues, we will need to adjust the value of the tech.

You can usually see the reason for the change in value in your Tech Health Report in your Spring account. Just click on the item in 'Your Tech' and then view the tech health check. You'll see red i icon against anything we think has affected the value. But if you have any questions, just let us know and we can look into it and explain in more detail.

If you want to know more about our condition definitions you can read more here for the Spring website or here for Compare & Recycle.

If you did select 'Approve any value', your device will immediately be sent off to be rehomed/recycled and we won't be able to return it to you.

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