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Mobility Data, More is Better Than Less
Mobility Data, More is Better Than Less

Product Release: September 22, 2022

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AlphaMap's latest product release introduces an exciting addition – Mobility Data, emphasizing the philosophy that more is better than less.

What's New?

Until now, there was a major unresolved problem with Mobility Data: Companies were relying on a single provider for visitation and ranking estimates (whether that was AlphaMap or some other provider). Unfortunately, those estimates vary widely between each provider because of key differences in their methodologies; differences which make one provider stronger in certain situations and weaker in others. This made it too risky to rely on a single provider. To solve that problem, AlphaMap has partnered with 3 of the leading Mobility Data companies so that users can now see the differences in trends, estimations, and rankings. Additionally, AlphaMap uses the results from each provider to create a smarter ‘combined’ estimation, accounting for the unique strengths of each provider.

Newly Added Providers

  • Unacast

  • Safegraph

  • MobileX

*MobileX is a leading Mobility-Data company that has requested AlphaMap to keep their true name anonymous in the platform in order to minimize the potential impact on their business.

See the changes on:

The Rank tab

The Location Visits tab

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