「Amazing DX」の基本料金には、以下のサービス提供費用が含まれております。

















The basic fees for “Amazing DX” include the following services provision costs.

- Searching for similar trademarks

- Preparation of trademark application documents(including registrability check and formality check)

- Agency of trademark filing before the JPO

- Management of trademark applications and registrations

- Supporting (chat, e-mail and phone)

On the other hand, additional costs will be incurred for the following service provision.

- Detailed search for the prior trademarks

- Proposals for goods / services

- Trademark application using “Accelerated Examination System”

- Trademark application with claiming priority

- Trademark application to the countries other than Japan

- File documents other than trademark application documents

- Response to notification of reasons for refusal

- Procedure for opposition, trial, etc.

- Payment for renewal fee

Please check the following page for detailed information.