If you sell merchandise, food items, activity equipment, etc. at various locations across your facility, you can set up multiple workstations so that quick transactions can be executed by multiple staff simultaneously. When exporting your end of shift sales report, sales are properly attributed to the workstation from where they were processed.

How it Works

1.  Configure your Workstation
    - How can multiple employees use the same workstation? 

2. What are Shifts? 

1. Configure your Workstation

Via the Point of Sale>Workstations>Workstations subtab:

  • Click New workstation. 

  • Name your workstation. It can represent where your items will be sold (ex: front desk, back entrance, gymnasium, auditorium A, etc.).

  • Choose one layout that contains the products that will be sold from that workstation. You can change the layout at any time.

  • If you set a workstation as the default workstation for this computer, that workstation will automatically be assigned to the computer's IP address when starting a sales shift. You can change the default workstation at any time. 

  • Choose the accepted payment modes that clients can use to pay.

  • Payment terminal selection*: Available when using a CardConnect terminal. Speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information.

  • Receipt printer selection: If the workstation (i.e. computer) is already connected to a regular printer, no configuration is necessary here. However, if you wish to use a thermal printer, you must follow the installation setup.

    • Select a receipt printer if you are using a thermal printer. Keep in mind the thermal printer only prints small invoices.

  • Default client selection: Select a client account to which all transactions will be assigned by default (using this workstation). Otherwise, a new or existing client needs to be selected for each transaction. 

  • Save when finished.  If the workstation will no longer be used, you can click Archive to remove the workstation. Shift reports are always available via the Shifts subtab. 

  • You must contact support@amilia.com to unarchive a workstation. 

👪 How can multiple employees use the same workstation? 

If multiple employees work on the same workstation, you can keep track of who is responsible for each transaction.

In the Account>Administrators subtab:

  • First, ensure each your employees' user account has an 'Account with a PIN' setting.

  • Next, create another administrator account (make sure the permission group includes access to Point of sale). This account is intended for multiple people to login and use. Toggle the Pin settings to 'Shared account'

  • Login to your organization's SmartRec backoffice using this 'shared' administrator account.  Open your Point of Sale workstation. Anytime an employee makes a transaction, they will need to input their PIN to identify themselves.  This PIN is apparent on your POS end of shift reports. 

2. What are Shifts? 

A shift and a corresponding report start when a workstation is opened and ends when it is closed. Data becomes available once a workstation has been opened for sales. You can export the end of shift reports from your workstation(s).

  • Filter for workstation shifts by typing in the name of the workstation or by clicking on the Filters button to filter by date.  Clear filters to start from scratch.

  • Add a check mark to one or more workstation shifts and click Operations to export their end of shift report(s) into Excel. 

  • Click the ' ... ' icon to export the end of shift report for a specific workstation and/or close the workstation for the day. 

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