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Introduction to Point of Sale (POS)
Introduction to Point of Sale (POS)

Sell your offline merchandise to anyone in just a few easy clicks!

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SmartRec's Point of Sale (POS) centralizes your online and offline sales. Skip forms during checkout, create and print invoices on the fly for new and existing clients.

​ Point of Sale can be used to:

  • Create invoices on the fly for your products (ex: tennis balls, popcorn, towels, branded merchandise, etc.);

  • Sell to clients without requiring them to provide their information at checkout;

  • Create multiple workstations to give staff access to a simpler store to track sales.

Before Getting Started

How to use Point of Sale (POS)

4. FAQ

Are you Using a Thermal Printer? 

A thermal printer quickly prints short invoices (only). A cash register will work with both classic printers and thermal printers. Even though it's referred to as a 'thermal receipt printer', the device cannot print payment receipts. Only invoices.

Here's a list of hardware that has been tested by our development team:

  • Star Micronics TSP100 Thermal Printer Unit (USA or CAN)

  • Epsilont Mini Cash Drawer (USA or CAN)

⚙️ Installation Instructions

Below are steps to help you install the Star Micronics TSP100 Thermal receipt printer with SmartRec. If you're installing a different thermal receipt printer, follow the installation guide that came with the device and then skip to this step.

1.  Click here and click 'Download Drivers'.

2. Toggle 'Product Type' to TSP100 futurePRNT.

3. Under the blue 'Drivers' tab, click and download the futurePRNT V7.4 Lite.

4. Save File and click OK. Wait for it to download.

5. Open the downloaded folder. Click on Autorun (Application). You may be prompted to compress the zip files. If so, click yes. (This step varies depending on your computer. You may also open the computer's Start menu, search for Star Micronics and click on it.)

When the TSP100 futurePRNT window opens, click the Installation tab and then 'I Accept'.

6. Select an Emulation: ESC/POS Mode.

7. Under Print Job Routing, enable ESC/POS routing and Apply Changes.

Install the QZ Tray v2 Application

Once your thermal printer driver is installed, you must install the QZ Tray v2 application, which allows the thermal printer to print labels, barcodes, receipts and more from your SmartRec webpage.

1. Click here and download the QZ Tray v2.0.11. Save the file to your computer.

2. Check your downloads and open the file. Allow the app to make changes to the device.

3. The QZ tray application icon appears in your tray. Right-click and check 'Automatically Start'.

4. You must configure each workstation that uses the Thermal Printer. In the Receipt printer selection section, click 'Select a receipt printer' option and pick the TSP100 from the list of choices.

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