RL-24s in 5 Easy Steps

The RL-24 tax credit is specific to Quebec organizations that offer childcare services (excluding evening and extracurricular activities).

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You may begin generating your RL-24s. They can be sent electronically and must be validated by the Quebec government no later than February 28th 2023.

Organizations can transmit RL-24 receipts electronically (if they issue more than 50 receipts for a fiscal year) in 5 steps in the Accounting and finance > RL-24 Tax credit subtab. A child must be 16 years or younger during the taxation year in order to be eligible.

📺 Check out our RL-24 webinar and updated FAQ for more details on this topic!

How it Works

Step 1- Information Confirmation 

To generate your RL-24s, you must first verify which activities are eligible and whether fees are declared by day or by week.

  • Click 'Go to Step 1'.

  • Filter your list for All, Eligible or Ineligible activities. The total number of activities is indicated.

  • To change the eligibility of an activity, click its name to modify the Taxes section of the activity. Save the activity.

    • The invoice date of the activity determines its eligibility for the RL-24 tax credit. For example, an activity invoiced in 2022 but created in 2021 will count as eligible for the RL-24 tax credit of year 2022 as long as it's reconciled to a payment.

    • If a client leaves a deposit in 2021 and is registered in 2022, it will show up in 2022 RL24 data if the payment is reconciled.

    • If a client is registered in 2021 and pays in 2022, it will show up in 2021 RL24 data (but not until the payment is made in 2022). 

  • Return to Accounting and finance > RL-24 tax credit > Step 1 to continue reviewing eligible activities.

  • Click Export to Excel to export your lists.

  • When finished, click Continue to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2- Incomplete Reconciliations

The next step is ensuring all payments, credits and reimbursements are reconciled to the appropriate invoice items. This is crucial to generating accurate RL-24 slips.

  • Click the invoice number to verify each incomplete reconciliation in the client's billing tab.

  • If a payment isn't reconciled to an eligible invoice item, it won't be admissible.

  • Click Back to Summary to return to your list of eligible activities; or

  • Click Continue to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3- Cancelled Registrations & Partially Paid Fees

You can generate an RL-24 for cancelled registrations if the child qualifies and participated in part in an eligible activity. SmartRec provides a list of cancelled registrations for eligible child participants.

  • Verify each account to see if a child is eligible for a partial RL-24 tax credit.

  • All fields must be completed manually.

  • Click Continue to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4- Rectify Missing Information 

Accounts with missing SIN and/or address information are flagged. If you proceed to Step 4, you can't return to Steps 1-3. 

  • Verify each page for accounts with missing information. These are flagged with red boxes.

  • Filter for all accounts or those with or without SIN information.

  • Corrections made to SIN numbers and/or address information can be made for the purpose of submitting RL-24's, but it won't make changes in the client's account.

  • Any account missing SIN number won't generate an RL-24 slip.

Refresh erroneous SIN and Addresses

Step 5- Final RL-24 Confirmation

This step produces the list of RL-24s to be sent for the government's approval. Clients whose information was not corrected in Step 4 won't appear in this list, nor be sent. Return to Step 4 if necessary. It's the last time you'll have an opportunity to make changes in batches.

  • To remove someone from the list, uncheck the 'Submit Receipt' box.

  • Click any field to manually edit the information.

  • Click Summary to generate an at a glance view of the total receipts, the number or receipts with errors and the total to be sent to the government.

  • You can return to Step 5 or click Continue to transmit the RL-24s.

Confirm your Organization

Verify your organization's contact information and type. Corrections can be made in the Account > Main Information subtab.

  • Your Quebec Business Number (NEQ) and Identification number consist of 10 numeric characters. These numbers are visible on your correspondence with Revenu Quebec.

  • Your File number consists of 4 numeric characters and is visible on your correspondence with Revenu Quebec.

  • Once information is completed, click Submit and Send.

  • You cannot cancel the submission.

Print the RL-24 Summary and Mail it

The summary must include the number of RL-24s issued, including RL-24s labeled Modified and RL-24s labeled Cancelled. Thus, you must create a modified Summary for each change, cancellation or addition of an RL-24. Alternatively, you can wait until you have no more changes before printing the RL-24 Summary.

The up-to-date RL-24 Summary must be filled out, signed, and mailed to Revenu Quebec.

What Happens Next?

Once RL-24s are sent to the government, you can no longer edit RL-24 slips in batches. You may cancel or make modifications to individual slips and re-send electronically.

  • It may take approx. 3 business days for the government to validate the RL-24s. Once the government validates the RL-24s, admins with an 'Account owner' access level will receive an email (in the same language as your organization's settings) to notify them the RL-24s are ready. Admins must click 'Send your clients an email' in the Accounting and finance > RL-24 tax credit subtab.

  • An automatic email is then sent to the email address used to login to the client's Amilia account. RL-24s are not included in the email.

  • Account owners can access their RL-24s from the Documents tab in their personal account.

  • When receipts are approved, organizations can print RL-24s by batch or individually in the Accounting and finance > RL-24 Tax Credit subtab. A copy is included in the client's file under the Documents subtab.

  • There is a limit of 3 children per RL-24 tax slip. After the batch of RL-24s is sent electronically and validated, you must create a manual slip for the remaining children.

  • If an RL-24 wasn't validated, your organization will receive an email specifying where errors were found. Correct the information and resubmit to the government.

Manually Generate and Modify RL-24s

After the government has validated your submission, you may need to create additional RL-24's. This must be done manually.

In the Clients > Client file > Documents subtab, create an RL-24 for a secondary adult or create a new RL-24 for the first time.

  • If the secondary adult's information is in the Account Members subtab, a link with their name will be present in the Documents subtab.

  • If the secondary adult does not exist, add them to the applicable child's contacts in the Account Members subtab.

  • By clicking on the link, an RL-24 template appears. Complete the empty fields.

  • Save the information.

  • Resubmit the RL-24 to the government via Accounting and finance > RL-24 Tax Credit.

✏️ Modify or Cancel an Existing RL-24

After the government has validated your submission, you may need to modify some RL-24s. This must be done manually in the Accounting and finance>RL-24 Tax Credit subtab. click on Search for an RL-24. Contact us at support@amilia.com if you have any questions.

Step 1 - Click the button to Search for an RL-24.

Step 2 - Type in the SIN, child's name or parent's name to find the slip

and use the Actions to modify any field. To cancel, click the X icon.

Step 3 - Return to the RL-24 Summary to send a number of modified slips to the government. The buttons freeze while they verify, so best to send multiple slips at once.

Step 4 - After the government verifies the modified slip(s), you'll see

the number of emails to send to clients. Click the button to do so.

Step 5 - Don't forget to print & send the RL-24 Summary by mail once any all changes have been completed.

* Last updated in January 2023

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