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Our centralized reports offer easy access to critical financial reports and important information about your programs and participants. You can also glance at demographic and accounting statistics for each of your programs.

In the Reports > Standard subtab, you can display all the reports at once, or focus on those related to your organization’s management or finances. If you can't find what you're looking for in the Reports tab, click here to see if it's elsewhere in SmartRec. Some reports are only available upon activating a feature in the Apps tab. Admins must have the right permission to view a report.

Reports are categorized into groups. Click one or scroll to read about each report.

πŸ“„Account balances: account receivables and accounts with credits.

πŸ“„Accrual accounting: track revenue and journal entries with the accrual method.

πŸ“„Activities: data on participants registered to activities (does not include drop-ins).

πŸ“„Cash accounting: payments entered in SmartRec. Intended for cash accounting.

πŸ“„Operations: email lists, membership sales and cancelations, facility events.

πŸ“„Others: breakdown of sales and payments, bank account reconciliation.

πŸ“„Payments: breakdown of payments, eCheck and installment status, etc.

πŸ“„RL 24: manual adjustments affecting tax credit, clients with missing SIN.

πŸ“„Sales: sales summary, sales by ledger code, summary of awarded discounts, etc.

πŸ“‘More Data to Export from SmartRec: reports you can download from each tab.

πŸ“„ Account balances

Use these reports for information related to account receivables (balances and/or credits). Click on a report and specify up to which date you want the data.

Account receivable (includes accounts with credits)

Find out which clients have an existing balance or credit on their account, including how long these amounts have been sitting (30, 60, 90+ days). You can verify if any of the clients have planned payments lined up.

Account receivable (balances only)

This report focuses on clients that have a balance on their account, for how long the balance has existed and if any planned payments are set up to rectify it. Includes contact information.

Accounts with credit balance

This report shows which clients have available credit (only) on their account. Includes contact information.

πŸ“„ Accrual accounting

Available if your organization has selected the accrual accounting type in the Accounting and finance > Ledger codes subtab. You'll need this data to track when (and how) your revenue is recognized. Click on a report and specify up to what date you want the data.

Deferred revenue

Regardless of when you have been paid, your revenue is deferred and only recognized once the service has been delivered. This report shows your deferred revenue broken down by ledger account and tracks which account(s) it travels through, as of the report's selected date. You'll always know where your revenue sits from the moment a sale is invoiced.

Journal entries

The journal entries page tracks the increase and decrease of balances in key ledger accounts every time a transaction occurs in SmartRec, giving your financial team access to view and export accurate accounting data in real-time.

πŸ“„ Activities

Find details on participants who have registered to your activities, get a bird's eye view of how each activity is configured and the number of registrations in each of your programs. Click on a report to download data from the program you choose.

Email addresses of participants (per program)

Do you need to email everyone in a program? This report lists the name, email address and email status for each participant (including their primary contact) enrolled in a program. Please note that a participant's name only appears once even if they are registered to more than 1 activity in a program.

Information on the activities of the program

Here's a quick way to make sure all your activities within a program are properly configured. Rather than verify each individual activity in the Activities tab, you can download this report and view all your activity settings at once, within the selected program. Does not include private lessons.

Nominal income per activity (doesn't include rebates and discounts)

Curious if enrollment is under or at capacity? Use this report for an overview of how a program is performing. For each activity in the program, it shows the price per participant, the number of participants enrolled vs capacity and revenues based on price x participant (it doesn't consider the actual amounts invoiced). Does not include drop-in information.

Participants by location

An activity's location can be determined by assigning a facility to the schedule, or manually typing it in the location field in the Activities > Edit subtab. This report provides a list of the program's registered participants by location, and includes basic participant info (name, gender, birthday, phone, address). A separate sheet is available for any activity participants where no location is specified. Does not include drop-in participants.

Private lessons 🌟

Organizations offering private lessons can use this report to view all their private lesson bookings. Choose to include columns of information such as (but not limited to): basic person information, private lesson configuration details, assigned staff, assigned facility, multipass used (if any), etc.

Registration information

If you need a list of all session participants in a program, this report includes the participant's registration date, which activity they registered to, and basic client info (name, gender, phone, address, allergies, med conditions). If a participant is registered to more than 1 activity in the program, their name will appear on more than one row. Does not include drop-in information.

πŸ“„ Cash accounting

Entries in these reports reflect the date payments were entered in SmartRec (not when they were deposited in your organization's bank account). Click on a report and specify in between which dates you need the data.

Breakdown of payments by ledger code

This report provides a list of client payments associated to the ledger code of the item that was sold. It includes credit memos and invoice information linked to the reconciled payments. You may also be interested in the Reconciliation report.

Payment by ledger code

If you need to know where your revenue is coming from, this report gives you the total amount of payments received (grouped by ledger code) and specifies which payment method was used.

Payment by item 🌟

This report is useful for seeing how much money was exchanged between you and your clients during a given date range, as well as why that money was exchanged.

It tracks every payment, account deposit, refund and payment correction (i.e., payment cancellation) and provides information on the the client's name, the payment date, the ledger code of the invoice item to which a payment is reconciled and the invoice number. Include additional columns of data such as (but not limited to): portion of payment allotted to taxes, basic person information, Workstation, membership, etc. Each report generates up to 10 000 row of data.

This report relies on reconciling payments to invoice items. If you change a reconciliation in Client billing, this affects the report data. Unreconciled payments still appear in the report however no additional details are provided as to how the payment was applied.

πŸ“„ Operations

Click on a report and specify in between which dates you need the data.

Email addresses of participants

Do you need to email everyone in your client list? This report lists the name, email address and email status for each participant (including their primary contact) in the Clients tab.

Membership sales and cancellations by date

This report lists all memberships sold and canceled within the date range. It includes the membership's start and end date, ledger code and client contact information.

Access Points 🌟

This report is available for organizations using the Access Management feature and can be used to identify trends in when, where, and why participants are visiting your premises by tracking scan-ins over a time period. Choose which columns of information to include in your report, such as (but not limited to): basic person information, contact names, Amilia ID, check in/check out, facility, membership number, health insurance number, etc. By default, this report will show successful scan-ins, however this can be changed by modifying the report filters.

Fundraising campaigns 🌟

Review the list of donors for each of your fundraising campaigns. Choose which columns of information to include in your report, such as basic person information, Amilia ID, campaign details, donation details, Community segments, membership number, health insurance, etc.

Multipass 🌟

Organizations selling multipasses can leverage this report to identify trends in which clients are using passes. It includes which participants purchased a multipass, the multipass’ expiration date, total passes and the remaining passes. Choose to include additional columns of information such as (but not limited to): basic person information, Multipass ID, purchase date, community segments, health insurance number, etc.

Scholarships 🌟

Organizations that award scholarships can use this report to view the list of all its clients that used a scholarship as payment towards an invoice (keep in mind, this does not include clients who were simply awarded a scholarship but haven’t yet used it). Choose which columns of information to include in your report, such as (but not limited to): basic person information, the scholarship name, the amount that was allocated to the client, the amount that was used, and to which type of offer it was applied to (merchandise, activity, drop-in, etc.). The same client can appear multiple times in the report (e.g. once for every time a scholarship is used as payment towards an invoice).

Facility events 🌟

Provides an overview of every type of booking in your facilities so you can review how your spaces are used (or underused) and analyze trends in the types of events taking place at each facility over time. Provides the facility name, event name, the event type, start/end times as well as additional columns of data regarding booking and participant details. Learn more here.

πŸ“„ Others

These reports break down your sales and payments. Find data on every payment, invoice, credit and refund performed in SmartRec. Click on a report and specify in between which dates you need the data.

Breakdown of combined revenues and receipts

View every invoice, credit, payment, and refund created over the specified time period. It includes the username and client name that did the transaction and for which amount. This report can also be used as a breakdown of sales and payments.


This report has line items for each payment and the invoice(s) that go with them; as well as invoiced items that were not reconciled with any payment. You may also be interested in the Breakdown of payments by ledger code report.

Reconciliation summary

Categorizes all your offerings and shows the total invoiced amounts for each category (i.e. memberships, programs, rentals, etc.) and how it was paid, if it was paid, plus the total of each payment method (i.e. cash, credit card, eCheck, etc.), including payments that were not reconciled to an invoice.

Revenues and receipts summary (can choose user)

This report gives a high-level view of what type of items were sold (e.g. activities and memberships are combined in one line), and the total revenue amounts processed by user (e.g. administrator(s) or clients), and total of payments processed by payment method.

πŸ“„ Payments

These reports track money moving between you and your clients. Click on a report and specify in between which dates you need the data.

Account deposits summary

An account deposit is a type of payment made in advance of an invoice - it might be a pre-payment for future invoices, or an overpayment of an existing invoice.

This report lists all the account deposits made during the chosen date range, including the amount of the deposit, how much has been used, and how much remains. It's helpful for keeping track of how much money is coming in each month as an account deposit, and how it is used over time. Note this only applies to payments that were entered into SmartRec using the 'Make account deposit' operation.

Breakdown of payments

If you need to balance the register at the end of a shift, this report provides a breakdown of sum of payments (by payment method) per administrator who processed the payment.

eCheck payment status

This report pulls all eChecks that were processed during the defined period. It includes the client's name, the payment amount and the status of the eCheck, which allows you to track if any eChecks failed.

End of shift report (can choose user)

This report is very similar to the Breakdown of payments report, except with less details on the Summary sheet. Provides a breakdown of sum of payments (by payment method), separated by administrator.

Installment status

Download this report if you need details for installment payments. It includes a summary (and the sum) by installment status (Accepted, Cancelled, Refused, etc), broken down by payment method. This does not include subscription payments.

Payment summary

See how different payment methods are being used across your store by viewing the sum of payment per payment method (Credit card, Cash, Cheque, etc).

πŸ“„ RL 24

This group of reports is only available to organizations with the RL 24 app. Depending on the report, specify a date range, or select a program.

Manual adjustments affecting tax credits

Some billable items can only be marked as eligible for the RL-24 tax credit at the moment you invoice them. This is the case for manual fees added to a client's invoice by an administrator. This report tracks all those invoice items and provides details such as the client's name, username, the amount invoiced, the description of the invoice item and the invoice date.

Missing SIN for all accounts

Download a report (per program) that lists all the accounts of registered participants whose parent/guardian have not indicated their SIN. Please note this does not mean the clients are eligible to receive the RL-24 tax credit.

Missing SIN for recipients

This report lists accounts that are eligible for the RL-24 tax credit but have no social insurance number on record.

πŸ“„ Sales

These reports represent the value of goods sold, not the amount of money received. Credits and cancelations, similarly, do not reflect money returned to the client, but the value of goods being exchanged. Click on a report and specify in between which dates you need the data.

Breakdown of sales

Review individual sales transactions. This report has separate sheets for each product type that was sold within the specified date range.

Sales by administrators

See how different administrators are processing different sales amounts. This report provides the sum per product type that each administrator processed within the date range specified.

Sales by ledger code

This report gives you an idea of how sales are going for each of your income GL accounts, by providing the total sum of sales by ledger code (of item sold). Careful about whether you treat this as revenue. On cash basis, you'll want to know about payments more than sales. On accrual basis, the best practice is to defer revenue recognition until the service is delivered.

Sales summary

See which types of products and services you sell are bringing in the highest sales numbers. This report provides the sum of sales by product type (Activities vs Merchandise, etc).

Summary of awarded discounts and fees (cancellation not included)

This report displays all the discounts and fee sales that were applied during the report range. Includes a summary per discount and fee, with a breakdown of each on separate sheets. Please note it does not show any discount or fee cancellations.

πŸ“‘ More Data you can Export from SmartRec

Not every available report in SmartRec is housed in the Reports tab. Below is a short description of more data you can export from other tabs.

πŸ“‘ Clients

In the Accounts or People subtabs, add filters based on the members you are looking for. Select the results and click on Operations > Export. Exports include clients' contact information and registration form information.

πŸ“‘ Store

Click on Export Excel to the right to download:

  • List of Merchandise: This data is available in the Merchandise > Manage subtab. It includes each item's selling price and remaining inventory.

  • Who purchased your Merchandise: This data is available in the Merchandise > Orders subtab. It includes the client's name, the date of purchase, and basic details on the item that was purchased in your SmartRec store and/or using Point of sale.

Click on Operations to download:

  • Fundraising Campaign: In the Fundraising subtab, access a list of clients that have contributed to a fundraising event. It includes the donor's name, the date of purchase and the amount contributed.

πŸ“‘ Activities

In the Registration subtab, select the activities and click on Operations to export:

  • Custom reports (selection summary): Export exactly what you need to know about registered participants. In addition to contact details, include information based on answers to extra questions from your registration forms.

πŸ“‘ Memberships

Select the memberships and/or subscriptions and click on Operations to export:

  • Memberships/Members: Get a list of your memberships/subscriptions and/or participants who have purchased one.

  • Expired memberships: The list of expired memberships/subscriptions.

πŸ“‘ Access Management

Navigate to the Monitoring page of your control and click on Operations to export:

  • Access List: A list of every participant that was scanned during the Dates period.

  • Late check-in/check-out report: This report compiles the list of participants that were scanned outside of the activity's start and end times.

πŸ“‘ Facilities

In the Overview subtab, you can export:

  • Facility usage details: Review facility usage, types of bookings made, hours spent by booking type, hours spent by client, etc. View all facility bookings, with facility name, address, start and end time of booking, booking type, and (if applicable) client name, id, and community segment.

πŸ“‘ Communities

In the Scholarships subtab, you can download your:

  • Scholarship history: This report provides a list of participants that paid for an item in your store using a scholarship. It includes the client's name, scholarship name, amount used, total amount allocated, date scholarship was applied, and what type of purchase it was applied to (merchandise, activity, drop-in, etc). The same person appears multiple times in this report, once for every time a scholarship is applied to them.

πŸ“‘ Contracts

Select the contract(s) and click on Operations to export:

  • Contract summary: This report includes each contract's state, the client's name, and an overview of the number of billable items in the contract and the resulting total cost.

πŸ“‘ Staff

In the Management > Staff subtab, click on Actions to export:

  • Timesheets: Provides a sheet for each staff member assigned to an activity. This report uses the total hours of the activity for each day (activity start-end time) and multiplies it by the hourly rate you specified for the staff member.

πŸ“‘ Skills

Select the skill(s) and click on Operations to export:

  • Skills report (detailed or shortened): Find out when ( and to whom) you assigned a skill.

  • Skills assignments and removals: Find out when participants were awarded a skill and/or when their skill was removed.

πŸ“‘ Point of sale

In the Shifts subtab, select the workstation(s) and click on Operations to export:

  • End of shift report: The data in the report pertains to the Open/Close dates of the selected workstation(s). It contains invoice numbers, the payments and payment types that were processed, for which amount, to which client account, and which administrator performed the transactions.

πŸ“‘ Accounting and finance

In the Merchant account subtab, select a date range, payment method and click on the export icon to download the:

  • Netbanx Settlement report: This report is used mainly for bank account reconciliation, allowing you to check your bank account deposits against deposit transfers from Paysafe. It shows Paysafe transfers for processed payments, as well as the receipt number from SmartRec. This is also accessible in the Accounting and finance > Merchant account subtab.

In the Ledger codes subtab, select the code(s) and click on Operations to export:

  • Linked ledger codes: Use this report to ensure that each item is assigned the correct ledger code.

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