A price schedule is a set of price periods that you link to online facility bookings, facility reservations with an invoice and/or rental contracts. You may charge for reserving your facility by the hour, by day or a flat fee.

A price period allows you to customize the price per hour (or flat fee) of a reservation based on the date range(s) you specify. Create your price periods accordingly to supply and demand or other criteria of your choice.

Ex: I've created a price schedule for my Recreation room. It is charged by the hour. I create price periods to specify the amount that is charged during set periods.

There is no limit to the number of price schedules and periods you can create!

Create your Price Schedule

Via the Facilities>Price Schedules subtab:

  • Click +New Price Schedule.

  • Name your price schedule and choose your Pricing Type (hour, day or flat fee).

  • Choose how Taxes are applied and Save.

Create your Price Period

Once a price schedule is created, you can add its price period(s).

  • Name your price period (ex: Summer, Evening, Fall, etc.).

  • Define the period Start date. A period ends when a new one begins.

  • Specify the Base Price per Hour (or flat fee) and click Create Price Period.

  • Customize (override) your base price during specific days and times of the week.

Managing your Price Schedules and Periods

Access and filter your list of price schedules via the Facilities>Price Schedules subtab.

  • Archive a price schedule when it is no longer needed.

  • Duplicate a price schedule if required.

  • Edit a price schedule by selecting it.

  • Edit or add a price period within the price schedule.

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