Our Facility Bookings feature provides a simple and convenient way for organizations to create and take bookings online.

  • Quick and easy setup with automated scheduling across your facilities;

  • A seamless online booking experience for your participants;

  • Advanced booking options to support your organization's unique scheduling needs;

  • Real-time availability ensures that no bookings overlap.

How it Works

1. Configure your Online Facility Booking
   - Customize your Facility Bookings Section

2. What your Clients can Expect
   - Booking Online
   - Discounts on Facility Bookings

3. View & Manage your Online Facility Bookings
   - Cancel an Online Facility Booking
   - Reports

1. Configure your Online Facility Booking

Via the Facilities tab, click New Facility or on an existing facility to configure as usual.

  • Scroll further down the page to Allow clients to book this facility in your store. You may check or uncheck this field at any time. Saved configurations in this section are remembered for later even if you uncheck the box. 

  • The Description is visible in the store, as well as any image you attach.

  • Choose a Category that best describes the facility. Categories help optimize your clients browsing and purchasing experience.  

  • Assign 1 price schedule to show how much your facility costs per hour

  • Visible means clients can book your facility online.  Hidden means they cannot see or book the facility in the store. NOTE: Admins can perform online facility bookings at any time. 

  • If no Form is selected, the account owner simply confirms their contact information. 

  • Show availability and allow clients to book in increments of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

  • Specify the minimum and maximum duration for a booking. 

  • Buffers can be added if cleanup (or a break) is required between bookings. The buffer is not included in the client's reservation. Ex: A client books from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM. The next available time to book will be 4:15 PM as the admin has configured a 15 minute buffer after the booking

  • Choose to specify a minimum amount of notice required before booking a facility. Ex: If the minimum amount of notice is 60 minutes, clients can only book slots that start no sooner than an hour before they make the reservation. 

  • Choose how far in advance participants can book a facility.  Ex: If you specify 3 months, then clients can book slots happening no later than 3 months from the date they reserve.

  • Add your facility rules as required (if any). Rules are displayed after clients select the facility they wish to book. 

  • In the example below, 2 facilities are visible for clients to book online. 

Customize your Facility Bookings Section

When at least one facility is visible and available to book online, the 'Facility Bookings' section appears in your store. Via the Store>Customize subtab, you can:

  • Change the section's name (label) in French and/or in English;

  • Change the position of the section in your store;

  • Make the section visible or invisible (regardless if facilities are visible or not).

2. What your Clients can Expect

In your store, clients must click on the 'Facility Bookings' section (or whichever name you attribute) to view the list of all visible facilities available for online booking.

If a facility has no available spots, it is still visible in your store, but clients are unable to access the facility's schedule to book. Amilia automatically takes into consideration activities, private lessons, other facility bookings, facility opening hours and holidays when displaying available spots.

Booking Online

Via the Facility Bookings section, clients must click on a facility to load its availability calendar. The reservation will be made under the name of the account owner.

  • Clients must choose the duration of their reservation (options are based on the time increments as well as the minimum and maximum duration for a booking).

  • Pick a date in the calendar. Clients can only choose one time slot per booking.

  • Book Now to finalize the facility booking and add it to the shopping cart.

  • If the time slot is in a shopping cart or the booking is finalized, that time slot is no longer visible/available for that facility and cannot be booked online by another client.

  • Checkout when finished. Clients may need to answer applicable form questions.

  • Clients can view their facility booking(s) in their user account via the Billing tab by clicking view on the invoice. They can also view in the Purchases tab by scrolling down to the Facility Bookings section.

Discounts on Facility Bookings

All discount types (except Multi-person discounts) can be applied to a facility booking. For example, the Community Segment discount is a great way to offer incentives to customers in your community!

  • If your discount is configured to display in your store, clients can see it by clicking on the Discounts icon.

👉 Rebate Code, Coupon Code and Question type discounts are not visible before purchase, regardless if they are configured to display in your store. These discount types only become visible to the client at checkout.

3. View & Manage your Online Facility Bookings

There are 3 ways to view your facility schedule(s) via the Facilities subtab:

  • Click the calendar icon under the Schedule column to redirect to a specific facility's schedule in the Calendar subtab;

  • Click the facility name and then the Calendar button to the right; or

  • Simply click on the Calendar subtab and filter for the facility. 

Cancel an Online Booking

Within the Calendar subtab, click on the booking to open the 'Event details' window. This window provides options to view the facility's configuration, the client's account or the invoice status (PAID or UNPAID). 

  • Click on 'View invoice'. Cancel/Refund as you would with any other invoice.

  • This removes the facility booking from the Calendar. The time slot once again becomes available online.

  • Clients cannot cancel facility bookings. They must contact your organization.


Online Facility Booking sales share the same ledger code that is assigned to the facility. 

NOTE: Online Facility Bookings should not be confused with bookings made through rental contracts (Rentals).

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