You will first need to specify your accounting type in the Accounting and finance>Ledger codes subtab.

👉 If your organization uses the accrual method, click here to learn more how Amilia tracks revenue through the use of general default ledger codes and journal entries.

Create a Ledger Code

  • After picking your organization's accounting type, click Save

  • To create a ledger code, Click + New ledger entry. 

  • You can Modify the code, title and/or description of your ledger code. If you modify a code after you begin using it, it will update the old code with the new one in your finance reports. 

  • You cannot Delete a code if it is associated to an item in your store. You must first remove the ledger code from those items before you can delete it. You can archive a ledger code if it has been associated to purchased items. You can always unarchive it later.  

  • When you archive a ledger code, it will move to the bottom of the page to the Archive section and you won't be able to assign it to anything. However, if the archived ledger code is still linked to something, you will be able to access the details under reports. You can always unarchive ledger codes to start reusing them.

Export Ledger Reports

Click on Operations to:

  • Export to Excel: Download a summary of all the transactions for the selected accounting codes.  A detailed report gives you each individual transaction. A non detailed report gives you lump sums. These reports contain the total of invoiced transactions, payments received, refunds granted and also includes promotions and fees.

  • Export linked ledger codes: This report provides a full list of each item in your store that a ledger code is associated to. 

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