You can take session and drop-in attendance online, view previous class dates and export the data (including cancellations) from the Activities>Attendance list subtab.

How to take Attendance Online

  • Go to the Activities>Registration subtab.

  • Click the activity name to view the list of registered participants.

  • Click the Attendance list.

  • Click inside the circle to add a ✔️ or ❌. This can be changed at any time.

Export the Virtual Attendance List

Click Operations>Attendance list generation to export the list(s) into Excel.

  • You can add additional details such as extra questions, addresses, etc.

  • Attendance lists include both types of registrations (sessions and drop-ins).

  • You can 'indicate new clients' to identify clients whose first purchase with your organization is the class they're attending.

🔍 How to see cancelled participants

A cancelled participant is someone who was initially registered to the activity but at one point, cancelled their enrollment.

Although you can't view cancelled participants directly on the virtual attendance list, you can include cancelled participants when exporting an activity's attendance list to Excel. Here's how:

  • In the Activities>Registration subtab, select an activity.

  • Click the Attendance list subtab.

  • Click Operations>Attendance list generation.

  • Under Options, add a check to include cancellations.

  • When you've finished customizing your selections, click Generate.

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