Break away from time consuming data entry by keeping your staff members updated with their schedules and giving them the tools to set their own availability and oversee their participants using Amilia's app for iPhone or Android mobile devices.

The Amilia app allows your staff to:

👉 Staff that are added in the Staff Management > Staff subtab are sent an email inviting them to download the Amilia app. Staff hired with the Staff Recruitment feature are not sent this email, so be sure to let them know!

Getting Started

In order for your staff to benefit from the Amilia app, you'll need to:

1.  Create your staff members in Staff Management.

2. Ask staff to download the app for iPhone or Android mobile devices.

3. Ask staff to add their availability using the app or an admin can do it.

4. Assign your staff to activities. 

Add, Edit and View their Availability

Once logged into the app, staff can:

  • Select the calendar icon and tap the Availability tab;

  • Tap the + icon to add a new availability and scroll down to save; and/or

  • Tap an existing availability to edit or delete. Scroll down to save.  

Organization admins can view, edit and/or add availability for a staff member in the Staff Management > Staff > Edit Staff Member by clicking on a staffer's profile and referring to the Availability section.

View Information on Scheduled Activities

The Schedule tab displays the activities a staff member is assigned to and any activities they or an account member is enrolled to as a participant. Once logged into the Amilia app, staff will:

  • Click the Calendar icon and tap the Schedule tab.

  • View dates with information pertaining to scheduled activities.

  • View details such as Activity name, Start/End time and location.

  • View activities from the day before, and up to a year in the future.  

👉 The address displayed will be the address of the facility assigned to the activity occurrence. If no facility is assigned, then the organization's address will be shown instead.

View Participant Information

Your staff has the ability to:

  • See in-depth activity details (category/subcategory/program and occurrences).

  • View the name of all participants registered for an activity they're hosting. 

  • Click the medic bag icon to access the participant's medical information. 

  • Click the participant's name to view their contact information.  

Take Participant Attendance

Taking attendance is as easy as swiping a finger! Attendance updates automatically in the Activities > Attendance list subtab in SmartRec. Participants should appear in alphabetical order by their last name. 

  • Swipe on the name of a participant to take their attendance.

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